PS5 Surpasses PS4 in Gameplay Hours and Engagement

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The Aging PS4 Still Has as Many Active Users as the PS5

A recent report from Sony’s Game & Network Services division revealed interesting data about the active user base of PS4 and PS5 consoles.

PS4 vs. PS5: Active User Comparison

Out of the 117 million PS4 units sold, approximately 42% are still in active use, while 86% of the 56 million PS5 units sold are actively being used.

Gameplay Hours and User Engagement

The PS5 has generated 2.4 billion gameplay hours, surpassing the 1.4 billion hours of the PS4. This indicates a higher engagement level with the newer console.

Software Support and Compatibility

Sony continues to support the PS4 with new game releases, with 189 “just released” PS4-compatible games available on the PSN Store. This compatibility has encouraged publishers to target the older console for their games.

Financial Performance

Despite the PS4’s longevity, the PS5 has been a financial success for Sony, generating $10 billion in profit from $106 billion in sales. PS5 owners have spent an average of $731 each, showing a significant increase compared to PS4 owners.


Fonte: Ars Technica – The Aging PS4 Still Has as Many Active Users as the PS5

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